Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In case you haven't heard....

Covert Operations (Book 2 of Guarded Secrets) released last Tuesday, November 3rd, and then proceeded to become a bestseller after being on the market for only a few days! I want to thank you guys because then it only got better when Suicide Mission (Book 1 of Guarded Secrets) was free for a day in honor of the release of Covert Operations, and hit the #1 slot!

Thank you everyone! I'm going to take a shot break from the series now that book 3, Left For Dead, has been sent into my publisher and I'll be editing it in December. This is so I can write a book I've been thinking about for a while (Paranormal suspense/ romantic suspense) and so then I can come back to the series (which is six books long) with new eyes and enthusiasm.

Once again, thank you guys.

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