Amber Alert Series

SERIES WARNING!!!! **Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to violence and sensitive subject matter.

Amber Alert:
Anna was taken...

Taken from her home to live out a sick game that a guy has been playing for the last ten years.

With no certainty that anyone is looking for her, and seemingly hours away from home, she's forced to play housewife with a man that has had twelve other 'wives'.

Each of them now dead...

With 12 rules and the obvious exits blocked, from the previous girls attempts to flee. Is Anna's only way out to play along and become a 'loving wife'? Or will she die during the chase?

Would anyone even know what happened to her?

                       Or would she be labeled as a runaway?

                     And where is she in the first place? 


Audrey Thomas had been raised by overprotective parents and is sick of it…

After the kidnapping and recovery of her mother, Anna Cowles, eighteen years ago, parents had a harsh awakening as they realized any child could be taken for any reason. 
New laws were set in place to protect children, but those same children ignored the rules and went out of their way to get into trouble. 
Audrey has always done what she wanted, no matter what the consequences were… 
But what happens when her choices lead her to being taken by the one man people feared everyday for the last eighteen years, right up to his execution.

      Will she make it out like her mother did? 

        Or will she suffer the fate of the previous twelve girls?


There's a copycat on the loose…
He's playing the part of the notorious Steve Bennett, a serial kidnapper and killer. 
Twelve known girls have already been taken from all over the country, but none have returned. With the orignial house of the mass kidnapper and murderer destroyed, where is he hiding the girls? 

Jessi Sparks is about to find out for herself… 
This is the case she’s been waiting for, and she won't let it slip through her fingers. She will risk everything to finally put an end to mass kidnappings. 

  But will she be risking her own life?

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